Heavy Equipment

Quick Transfer, Winnipeg’s moving and freight specialists, provides cross docking, hold and stage, and moving services which will reduce cost and reduce the risk of employee injuries.

From commercial boilers to HVAC systems to roof top units, Quick Transfer has positioned itself to be the most reliable and best trained Winnipeg moving and freight company to service your requirements in Manitoba. 

Quick Transfer has many resources including:

  • 53’/48’ high boys and low boys
  • Truck mounted forklift
  • Multi-temp units
  • Tailgates

Our equipment is ideally suited for any Manitoba facility including those without conventional docking.

Our heavy equipment transportation services will assist in reducing stress and minimizing the risk of damage.

Our experienced heavy equipment operations crew can arrange all aspects of the move, including but not limited to:

  • Road closings
  • Pedestrian control
  • Security
  • Permits

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